Microsoft Surface slashes £120 off Windows 8 tablet price

Microsoft has slashed the price of the Microsoft Surface by almost a third, knocking a whopping £120 off the Windows 8 tablet.

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Microsoft has slashed the price of the Microsoft Surface by almost a third. A whopping £120 has been sliced off the Windows 8 tablet, making it more than a hundred quid cheaper than the latest iPad.

The discount drops the price of the 32GB model to £280, down from £400. Meanwhile the 64GB version now costs £360.

Among the places you can pick up a discounted Surface is John Lewis, which offers six months free broadband with a tablet, Kindle, or other gadget.

Those discounts are on the Surface RT, the version of the Surface that runs Windows 8 RT software designed specially for tablets. The RT tablet only installs mobile apps, like the iPad only installs apps from the Apple App Store. If you want full-fat Windows to install any program you like, you need the Microsoft Surface Pro, which uses the same Windows 8 software as a PC or laptop.

Sadly the Surface Pro costs a wallet-straining £720 for the 64GB model, or a credulity-straining £800 for the 128GB version.

Microsoft has cut prices to clear out the current Surface before both RT and Pro models are succeeded by new versions, expected to be unveiled later this year with the new Windows 8.1 software update on board.

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Is the Surface a bargain worth surfacing for, or does it barely scratch the surface of rivals like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2? What's the best value tablet? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall.