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Microsoft security moves

Microsoft security moves

A few things from Microsoft are worth paying attention to if your business uses the company's products. (Is there a company today that is completely divorced from Microsoft products? Really? Say "browser" to your colleagues, coworkers, employees, boss. Then say "Internet Explorer." Which gets the look of recognition?)

Here, we learn that "Microsoft on Tuesday plans to release eight security alerts for flaws in the Windows operating system. At least one of the alerts is deemed 'critical.' " Microsoft didn't say if the flaws are with IE, but researchers have pointed out flaws that could let someone commandeer a PC, the story says.

Another story brings news of new Microsoft moves to get into the security protection market. The software giant plans, by year's end, to release an initial test version of a new product to protect business desktops, laptops, and file servers against malicious code attacks. The new Microsoft Client Protection product will guard against threats such as spyware, viruses, and rootkits, the story says. Microsoft also announced a new security alliance and said it plans antivirus software for its e-mail servers.

Both stories are on Here's one more that explains some of what Microsoft intends by getting into this market.