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Microsoft Office app coming to iPad?

The Daily reports that Redmond may soon make its Office suite app available for the Apple iPad, giving tablet users access to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


Microsoft's Office suite may soon come to the Apple iPad, according to a report by The Daily.

The blog reported today that its sources say that an Microsoft app that will include Office programs, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will soon be submitted to the Apple App Store. The blog first noted the existence of an iPad version of the Microsoft Office suite in November.

The Daily said that it's had some hands-on experience with the new app. The user interface is supposedly similar to the current OneNote app. There is also some resemblance to Metro, the new interface design used on Windows Phone and the soon-to-be-released Windows 8 desktop operating system.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be supported and users will be able to create and edit these documents locally or online, according to the Daily. But the blog said it's unclear whether other Office apps will be supported.

The Daily also said its sources claim that Microsoft will not release an Android version of the Office suite. Sources for the blog also noted said that there will be an updated version of the OneNote iOS app that will be released with some Metro design elements.

Mary Jo Foley, a Microsoft expert who writes for CNET sister site ZDNet, noted in her blog today that if the Daily is correct, the Windows Office suite may end up on the iPad even before it comes to tablets that are running ARM processors and specifically designed for Windows 8.

She also cited skepticism from Rick Sherlund, a Nomura Research analyst and long-time Microsoft watcher, who said he was doubtful that Microsoft's Office team would allow this functionality to come to the iPad before it arrives on tablets and PCs running Microsoft's own software.

But she also pointed out that the Microsoft Business Division, which makes more money than Windows client business, has been eager to port the Office apps onto non-Microsoft devices.

The Daily's sources didn't say specifically when the new Microsoft Office suite app may come to the iPad.