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Microsoft launches Xbox One SmartGlass app

The app enables Xbox One owners to use their phones or tablets as a remote control and second screen.


Those of you aiming to buy the Xbox One can download a companion SmartGlass app onto your mobile device.

Released or updated on Tuesday for iOS, Android, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows Phone, Xbox One SmartGlass ties in with the Xbox One in a few different ways. You can use the app as a remote control device for the gaming console, which allows you to navigate the dashboard to play games or open various applications. The app also lets Xbox One players use their mobile devices to perform Web-related gaming functions.

Xbox One SmartGlass can act as a second screen, displaying or supplementing the action appearing on the console. Users of the app also can search for and select games to play on the Xbox One, track gaming achievements, get a helping hand on games, watch clips of games, and chat with friends.

Xbox 360 owners need not feel left out. Microsoft also offers an Xbox 360 SmartGlass app.

The $500 Xbox One hits stores on Friday.

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