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Microsoft is launching xCloud game streaming in beta Tuesday

The service will come to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers via the Xbox Game Pass (Beta) Android app.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will allow for Galaxy Note 20 users to stream Xbox games to their phone through Microsoft's Cloud. 

Microsoft is adding Project xCloud streaming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate earlier than expected, with the feature opening in beta on Tuesday. Users of the Xbox Game Pass (Beta) app on Android will be able to test cloud-streamed gaming on Tuesday, provided they're also Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. It will be a way for the Xbox team to fine tune Project xCloud game streaming prior to its launch on Sept. 15.

Users will be able to test "a subset of the available titles" prior to launch next month, Microsoft said in a statement.

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"As we approach the launch of cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Sept. 15, we're entering a limited beta period to ensure a smooth transition of the cloud gaming experience to the Xbox Game Pass app on Android," a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed in an emailed statement. "This limited beta is critical to providing the best possible experience for members at launch and should not be considered indicative of the final experience or library." 

Cloud gaming will let you play games over the internet on their phones and tablets from anywhere, in much the same way as you stream Netflix movies. The service is code-named Project xCloud, and will launch on Microsoft's $15 a month Xbox Games Pass Ultimate