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Metamoji's Share Anytime redefines real-time, free-form collaboration

The iOS app can support up to 100 authors working in real-time on the same document and up to 1,000 simultaneous viewers.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any standard PDF document can be imported into a Share Note, and other team members can annotate, amend, or comment on the document together.

Note Anytime for iOS, Android, and Windows 8, which became the No. 1 app in Japan and several other countries when Metamoji first released it in September 2012, is upping its game with Share Anytime.

Like Note Anytime, Share Anytime offers free-form note-taking, document annotation, whiteboarding, and presentation; however, the app now can support up to 100 authors working in real-time on the same document and up to 1,000 simultaneous viewers, according to Metamoji. Teams of users can work on different parts of a Share Anytime document at the same time, and the app captures and records all user input and tags it to maintain a history of changes. Share Anytime also includes built-in voice chat.

Note Anytime offers customizable pen styles and colors, as well as different note styles, such as stationery, calendars, and musical scores. Note Anytime screenshots

Similar to Note Anytime, Share Anytime uses pen input, as well as keyboard and voice, to compose and annotate documents. "We are addressing a productivity gap, such as when people are first formulating ideas and doing design that would be hard to capture with a keyboard," said Metamoji CEO Kazunori Ukigawa.

Share Anytime is only available for iOS, but the company plans to release versions for Android and Microsoft Windows 8 within the next several months, as well as an enterprise edition for corporate users.

The free version can be used to attend an unlimited number of Share Anytime meetings and to host up to 10 meetings (or 1GB of data transfer). The paid version, with an introductory price of $1.99 per month, allows for unlimited usage.