Meet the bloggers

We chose ten bloggers to write about the new Palm Pre on the Now Network from Sprint. Here we tell you a little bit about the people behind the blogs.

CNET staff
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We chose ten bloggers from thousands of entries to write about their experiences with the Palm Pre on the Now Network from Sprint. We gave each blogger a phone and one month to take it for a test drive. Here's a little bit about our bloggers.

Catherine Gouge is an Associate Professor of English at West Virginia University where she teaches technical editing and coordinates an online writing program. Though a first-time blogger, she is an avid reader of tech blogs and has published a number of academic articles about technology and cultural studies. When not teaching or staring at her computer, she can be found running, swimming, rock climbing, surfing, or playing soccer.

Erica Mueller is Managing Editor at Green-Parents.com, where she and others discuss Green, Eco Friendly and Healthy topics and products. She can also be found blogging about shopping, technology, homemaking, crafts, and music at her site, EricaSays.com. Erica is a stay at home wife and mother and resides in north east Texas. Her hobbies include graphic design, digital photography, playing piano and guitar, and gardening.

Matt Lutker is 22 years old and resides in Grand Rapids, MI. Matt got into PPC's two years ago when he started with the Treo 700wx and then later migrated to other HTC and Palm WM devices. He is a co-founder of the SPJ forum and has a Youtube channel under the name iamdasht19, where he plans to post video reviews along with his blog.

Ben Kessler is a recent graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia with a degree in Marketing. His entrepreneurial spirit and interest in social media and blogging has led Ben to work with several exciting start up technology and media companies. In his spare time, Ben loves to read, listen to and play music, eat, and drink beers from around the world. He is the Co-founder and Editor of Unbreaded.com, an online publication about sandwiches. Since an early age Ben has been interested in gadgets and electronics and he can't wait to get his hands on the Palm Pre!

Matthew Carruth works in Seattle, Washington as a software engineer by day for a large media company. In addition to his daily work, Matthew applies his computer science degree from the University of Pennsylvania toward analyzing sports and writes for several baseball blogs and publications. He also runs his own website at www.statcorner.com and is currently attempting to learn Danish.

Brian Haller works as an information security consultant for a large consulting firm. He is involved in the local Information Security communities and educational outreach, and enjoys giving guest lectures at the local university. Brian is also a happy and engaged husband and father, and spends most of his time (outside of work) focused on his family.

Joanne Fong is a structural engineer and gadget enthusiast. Since being downsized last year, she's gone back to school and is nursing her inner photographer. She lives in San Francisco with her partner and two dogs, one of which is insane, but in a charming way. She likes to take stuff apart, and might even put it back together. She's a half-op in the Buzz Out Loud chatroom, so go over there and say hello to engnr_chik. Go on, don't be shy. Go.

Cyn Donnelly has been blogging since 2005, mostly about baseball, and currently can be found at Toeing the Rubber. When she isn't blogging, she enjoys burning through new technology. She's on her third laptop in five years and her the Palm Pre is her fourth cell phone in as many years. Disillusioned with the fad of the iPhone, she's hoping to fall in love with the Pre and finally get committed to a phone for more than a year.

Paula Collins is 57 years old. She got her first computer in 1993 and her first smartphone (the Palm 650) in early 2000. Since then she's progressed up the ladder to the Palm 700p, followed by the HTC Mogul (she wanted to see how the Windows OS worked), and then the Blackberry Curve. Now she owns a Palm Pro. That's a lot of PDA's! Paula is excited to try the Palm Pre and write all about it.

Michael Gaines is a software engineer from New Jersey who's had a fascination with technology since taking apart a calculator in elementary school to see how it works. He works on two podcasts and blogs about all things geeky on his site at http://www.geekistry.com