Manage AT&T accounts on iPhone with MyWireless app

Need to check your data usage? Make a payment? AT&T's new iPhone app lets you do all that and more. Unsurprisingly (or should that be surprisingly?), it's free.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida

Who needs a browser? AT&T's MyWireless app puts your account at your fingertips.

All together, now: Finally! AT&T just took the wraps off MyWireless Mobile, a free app that lets you manage your AT&T account right on your iPhone.

Specifically, you can view your current bill (either a summary or a PDF of the entire thing) and authorize a payment, though the latter requires you to set up online bill-pay (via the Web) if you haven't already.

You can also add and remove various account features (roadside assistance, parental controls, and so on) and even change your text-messaging package.

Perhaps best of all, the app provides a complete overview of your usage, both minutes (anytime, night/weekend, rollover, and so on) and data. That should elicit a "Hallelujah!" from users who don't have "unlimited" plans: Now, at last, you can see if you're about to exceed your monthly maximum before making that call or sending that text.

As savvy iPhone users will undoubtedly mention, this information has long been available by way of various "*" codes. But let's be honest: This app blows them away. It puts a wealth of account information (and activities) at your fingertips and doesn't require any memorization. Needless to say, MyWireless Mobile just earned a permanent home on my iPhone.