Making the "Web Gallery" button appear on your iPhone, not showing up for some

Making the "Web Gallery" button appear on your iPhone, not showing up for some

Ben Wilson
2 min read

We originally postulated that Apple would soon be releasing a software update for the iPhone that adds a "Send to Web Gallery" function to the Camera application.

However, it now looks like the option is already appearing for some users, and may only be enabled if you have a .Mac email account set up on your iPhone, and may require a reset to appear (hold down the sleep and home buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears). To put a .Mac account on your iPhone, go to the Settings application and select Mail, then create a new .Mac email account credentials.

A .Mac support page states:

"To add photos directly from iPhone to your .Mac Web Gallery: Make sure you've set up your .Mac email account on your iPhone. [...] If you don't see the Send To Gallery item, make sure you've set up your .Mac email address on your phone and that your iPhone has the latest software updates."

Unfortunately, we still did not receive this added button after setting up a .Mac account on our iPhone, performing a reset, and making sure the software was up to date. Several readers have noted a similar situation.

The button links with new .Mac iPhone integration functionality that allows photos to be sent directly from the iPhone to the new "Web Gallery" function (which offers an app-like interface to photos stored online). The same Web Gallery can be directly accessed in an iPhone-optimized fashion.

Are you seeing the new button? Please let us know at info@iphoneatlas.com.