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Make your time fly faster with World Wars for iPhone

An 99-cent iPhone game that make a great time killer.

Lots of fun
Screenshot by Dong Ngo/CNET

If you need something to quickly stimulate your brain while waiting for the bus, this simple 99-cent iPhone game could do the job so well that you might miss the bus altogether.

It's called World Wars from AddictingGames. And no, it's not a game that tests your knowledge of World War I and II (thank God!) but rather it's a game that lets you take over the world one region at a time.

The world map of the game is divided in to many regions, each with a specific amount of troops that belong to up to seven factions, including yours. You just need to tap on the region you control and then on an adjacent one controlled by an enemy to attack. The dice then will roll to determine the winner. The amount of troops on the region translates into the amount of dice you have, so generally, the more troop you have, the higher the chance you will win. However, there's also some luck involved in each attack, which makes the outcome unpredictable. Your job is to make sure you win the most rounds of attacks until you take over every region of the map.

The first time I launched the game, I wasn't very impressed but thought I would just try it anyway. After a few tries, now it's become one of my most used apps. It's a great game to kill a few minutes while waiting in line, or for hours when you are on a long flight.

On the downside, the game comes with a single music track on loop, which unfortunately can't be turned off separately from the game's sound. Also, you can only play against the computer, not another player. It would make a much better pastime if multiplayer was supported. We hope this will be added on the next update.

Nonetheless, for just 99 cents, this game offers a lot of fun. But don't take my word for it, try the game free with its Flash version here before getting it on your iPhone.