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Mac developer to ditch Mac for iPhone

Pangea Software drops Mac development to focus on iPhone development as revealed in an interview with Brian Greenstone at the South by Southwest Interactive conference.

Pangea Software's Brian Greenstone was interviewed by The Guardian this week at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. During the interview, Brian revealed that his company would no longer develop software products for Macs and would instead focus entirely on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

Like many other iPhone application developers, Pangea Software is finding plenty of money to be made in the iTunes App Store. The company has earned $1.5 million on iPhone and iPod Touch application sales in the iTunes App Store, a figure that Greenstone points out makes Mac development earnings seem like "lunch money" in comparison.

The creator of Engimo, a game that sold more than 810,000 units in about 6 months, Brian Greenstone, speaks with authority on the subject of application sales. During the interview (watch the video below), he talks plainly about what it takes to be a successful iPhone and iPod Touch developer.

While the business decision may work out for Pangea Software and for and iPhone and iPod Touch users in general, we're sad to see Mac users suffer yet another blow to their gaming platform. Mac fans have always struggled to find games for their favorite computing platform, and the search just got harder.