Lyft rolls out its own scooter model, with pink wheels

The first city to get the electric scooter is Denver.

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Lyft wants you to think pink.


Lyft is launching its own built-in-house scooter model, the company said on Friday. The first city to get the scooters is Denver, where they rolled out Friday morning. Lyft's new scooter design has a 20% wider base, thicker wheels, longer-lasting battery, brakes that engage both wheels and a "more durable build," according to the company. 

And, because pink is the company's signature color, it also has pink wheels.

"For the first time, Lyft scooters will also feature our iconic pink wheels, making it undeniably clear that scooters are central to Lyft's vision for a future where cities are built around people, not private cars," Caroline Samponaro, head of bike, scooter and pedestrian policy at Lyft, said in a statement.

Watch this: Electric scooters are sending scores of people to the hospital

Lyft got into the rentable scooter game last September. It first launched its scooters in Denver and since then has brought them to 15 other US cities. It's one of about a dozen companies, including Bird, Lime, Uber, Skip and Spin, that now operate electric scooters in more than 100 cities worldwide.

It hasn't been all smooth rolling for Lyft's scooters. As has been the case for most scooter companies, riders have alleged getting into accidents on the vehicles, and pedestrians have complained of scooter riders who disobey rules of the road. Lyft's first batch of scooters also reportedly had a glitch that caused them to exceed local speed limits

Electric scooters in general are responsible for as many as 1,000 accidents per month. Riders have ended up in the emergency room and nearly 10 people have been killed in e-scooter accidents in the US. Hospitals around the country report daily injuries, some of which have been life-threatening or have left people permanently disabled. 

Many scooter companies are now building their own vehicle models with more of an emphasis on safety. Both Bird and Lime debuted new scooters this year, which the companies say have better wheels, suspension and braking systems. Uber also launched a new Jump scooter model this week, which has a bigger frame and brakes that engage both wheels.

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