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Lucky Germans get Apple iPhone 4S delivered early

Some German customers have received their iPhone 4S three days early, prompting a flurry of pics online. Result? Some satisfied customers.

Oh to be in Germany -- some lucky customers who pre-ordered their iPhone 4S have received them a full three days early, posting proof online last night, reports MacRumors. is the main culprit, with one buyer posting a series of pictures of the hardware as well as screenshots. One shows the handset resting on the packaging, as well as screengrabs of the voice-controlled Siri.

The handset has been bench tested, and it looks like the 4S clocks in at 68 per cent faster than the iPhone 4, reports Wired. The graphics processor also looks seven times faster than the iPhone 4's. (We haven't been able to verify these tests: we'll bring you our verdict once we've had the handset in to put through its paces.)

Yesterday Apple announced the iPhone 4S has had more than a million pre-orders in one day, thrashing the iPhone 4's previous record of 600,000, making it the most hotly anticipated handset of all time, despite it being a not-that-major upgrade to the iPhone 4. There's a faster A5 processor inside, just like on the iPad 2, and a new 8-megapixel camera. It'll also come in a new 64GB size, matching the iPod Touch.

Siri is the major new feature of the 4S, answering every question you ask it via voice control. Ask it "Do I need a jumper?" and it'll let you know. Tell it you love it, and it'll say it hopes you don't say that to all those other phones.

The iPhone 4S is on sale on Friday, starting at £499, with an iTunes update trickling out last night and iOS5 coming today. We'll bring you more launch day news as it happens, as well as a full review of the 4S as soon as we get one, so stay tuned for more.

Have you put in a pre-order? Or are you braving the queues come launch day? Maybe you're not interested at all? Either way, let us know what you reckon on our Facebook page.