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LTE phone clears FCC

Dialed In gives you the details on recent cell phone filings with the FCC. This week, the ZTE Peel and the Samsung R900, which promises to be the first-ever LTE phone in the U.S.

ZTE Peel
The ZTE Peel is a Sprint mobile 3G hot spot that is designed to fit an Apple iPod Touch.

The FCC brings us interesting news this week, most notably the approval of the first-ever LTE phone to arrive in the U.S. The Samsung SCH-R900 will be a CDMA phone for MetroPCS and looks to be using the 1700/1900 bands. It will also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Another approval worth nothing is the ZTE Peel, which is not a phone, but an EV-DO Rev. 0 Wi-Fi hot spot that may be designed to fit on an iPod Touch. (Get it? A Peel for your Apple iPod?)

Because the FCC has to certify every phone sold in the United States--not to mention test its SAR rating--the agency's online database offers a lot of sneak peeks to those who dig. And to save you the trouble, Crave has combed through the database for you. Here are a selection of filings from the past week on new and upcoming cell phones. Click through to read the full report.

HTC PC49120
Huawei FC312E
Kyocera SCP-6780
LG A165
LG A310
LG C710
Motorola MCQ6-1411A11
Motorola Sage
Samsung GT-B6520L
Samsung SCH-R900
Samsung SHW-M130
Sanyo SCP-8600
ZTE 3200 Peel (Wi-Fi hot spot)