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Lots of Android on Verizon's leaked roadmap

Verizon's roadmap through 2011 gets leaked on the Web. And thanks to CNET's own Verizon tipster, we're able to expand on those tidbits with additional information.

Boy Genius offered a load of dish Monday on Verizon Wireless' roadmap through 2010 and 2011. Some of the rumored devices we've heard about already, but not everything has been discussed before. According to the tipster, Verizon will have a Motorola Droid Pro global phone by November, two other global handsets from Samsung and HTC, a Moto Android device that will resemble the company's long-departed Q smartphone, and Android-powered tablets from Motorola and Verizon. And on the 4G front, Boy Genius predicts that Verizon will have LTE service across 75 percent of the country by April 2012 and that LTE data pricing will start at $59.99 per month

Seriously, that's juicy stuff and it all sounds very probable. And thanks to CNET's own Verizon tipster, we're able to expand on Boy Genius' tidbits with additional information.

  • As Boy Genius said, the 10-inch Motorola tablet will run Android 3.0. We're hearing a launch by the end of the year, however.

  • The 7-inch Samsung Tablet also will run Android 3.0. will have a book design with a tablet screen on one side and an e-book reader on the other. You'll be able to use each screen independently and close the device for easy portability See my update for a a correction.

  • The HTC global Android phone should have the name "Lucerno." I didn't get any further details on the Samsung tablet.

  • The Motorola Droid 2 will finally make its debut by August 20.

  • As we've predicted already, Froyo will arrive on the Droid X by early September.

  • Android OS 3.0 "Gingerbread" will be out by the fourth quarter of this year and will include enhanced enterprise management features. This will be the update that makes the Android a truly corporate-friendly device.