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London ISP offers 1Gbps fiber broadband

Hyperoptic says 1Gbps can download a 5.25GB high-def movie in 42 seconds. The same file would take nearly 100 minutes to download at 6.8Mbps, the U.K.'s average broadband speed.

Hyperoptic, a new ISP from the founders of Be Broadband, has launched with an offer of one-gigabit-per-second fiber-to-premises connectivity for some properties in London.


No other ISP offers residential customers 1Gbps connectivity, and the fastest available speed currently is Virgin Media's up-to-100Mbps cable service. However, at the moment individuals cannot sign up for Hyperoptic's service. Only communal installations in multi-dwelling buildings are possible, with individual tenants or flat-owners then becoming able to subscribe on a per-home basis

The 1Gbps service, announced at today's launch of Hyperoptic, will cost 50 pounds per month, with 100Mbps connectivity coming in at 25 pounds per month. Virgin's 100Mbps service is priced at 35 pounds per month, while BT's up-to-40Mbps Infinity services come in at 28 pounds per month including line rental.

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