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Logitech set to release Apple AirPlay speaker

Logitech will soon enter the AirPlay speaker ranks with a product simply called the Logitech Air Speaker.

Logitech's Air Speaker has no release date or pricing at this time.

For those of you keeping an eye on Apple AirPlay-compatible products, Logitech is on the verge of releasing its first AirPlay speaker. It's simply called the Logitech Air Speaker and a photo of it with limited information has appeared on Amazon's U.K. site.

Dave Zatz, who posted a story about the upcoming product on zatznotfunny.com, notes that the Air Speaker, which also features a dock for charging your iPhone or iPod, has no pricing yet. But given Logitech's record of undercutting its competitors pricing on iPod/iPhone speakers, the hope is that this one will come in at $300 or less (right now iHome's portable iA1 is the most affordable AirPlay speaker at $299.99).

In case you've never heard of AirPlay, it's built into Apple's iOS for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and it allows you to stream audio to an AirPlay-enabled device such as Apple TV and a host of speakers and AV receivers that are trickling out onto the market. AirPlay uses your Wi-Fi network to stream audio and it offers higher fidelity than Bluetooth. AirPlay also enables wireless video streaming but right now Apple TV is the only device that supports it.

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