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Listen to iPhone music through a Bluetooth headset

Listen to iPhone music through a Bluetooth headset

One iPhone feature for which we've received a number of requests is the ability to listen to audio from music or videos through Bluetooth headsets -- especially stereo headsets like iSkin's Ceruleans F1 pair. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn't (yet) have such capability built-in. iPhone Atlas reader Ken Fischer, however, made an interesting discovery: engaging the iPod function to listen to music/video audio while a call is taking place will allow you to hear said audio. Obviously this is not an ideal solution, but it proves that the iPhone at least harbors the capability to send music/video audio through Bluetooth headsets, and opens the door for software workarounds to trigger the throughput without the need for an active call.

Ken writes:

"I've always wanted to use a bluetooth headset with the iPhone for listening to music or video but it 'supposedly' doesn't work. Well, it does ... but only during an active phone call. First make a call and use your bluetooth headset, then while on the call, open up a song or a video and you will hear it through the headset. When the call ends, so does that ability. Perhaps someone can capitalize on this to make it work without the call."

UPDATE: It appears that you can also engage this functionality by going to the voicemail screen and clicking on the audio source button in the top right-hand corner, then selecting the bluetooth device and subsequently selecting the iPod function and playing audio. This method does not require an active phone call.