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LG teases G2 with new video and Web site

The smartphone maker takes the hype machine up another notch ahead of next month's press event.

LG gives a hint of things to come in next month's G2 announcement. LG

LG today released yet another new video that teases its upcoming G2 smartphone.

The short clip, which LG's official Mobile HQ posted to YouTube, gets all touchy-feely while spilling a lifetime of facts, like how many cells you're made of and how many friends you'll make. What's more, it starts by flashing the word "human" several times and ends with the refrain: "Everything about you inspires me. It means you are perfect."

A bit sappy, yes, but there's a good reason. Indeed, the tagline for the forthcoming G2 should be "Learning from you," a phrase that has the potential makings of a smarter than normal smartphone experience.

Although the video reveals no details about the phone and we don't really get a clear shot of the G2, we still get a tiny taste of things to come. For example, one of the key features in the new handset should be the location of the volume buttons. For the G2, LG appears to have moved the volume rocker from the side of the phone to the rear, above and below the camera.

Also, the end of the video shows a shadowy G2 with the nontraditional layout of the up/down buttons. This image matches up with earlier rumors and sightings of the new flagship smartphone.

LG has scheduled an August 7 press event in New York City, which promises to pull back the curtain on the G2. In the interim, the company is offering readers a chance to see their own messages displayed on billboards. If interested, head to for more information.

The G2 is expected to feature a quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and 2GB RAM. For more on the G2 rumors and other Android whispers, be sure to check out our weekly Android rumor roundup.