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LG Optimus G Nexus to run Android 4.2, have 2GB of RAM

A spec list has leaked of LG's forthcoming Nexus-branded Android smartie.

LG is rumoured to be launching a new Android smart phone in the coming weeks, and it's said to come festooned with Google's Nexus branding.

Some say it'll be based on LG's Optimus G, with a potential name being the LG Optimus G Nexus -- though that seems a bit of a mouthful to me. MoDaCo has a list of possible specs for the device, so read on to find out more, as well as how Google will open up the Nexus brand for anyone who wants to join the party.

First up, the Optimus G Nexus (I'll call it that for simplicity) will run Android 4.2, according to MoDaCo. Android 4.2 is apparently an updated version of Jelly Bean, so we still have a while to wait for Key Lime Pie, which will probably be 5.0. Inside will be a quad-core Qualcomm S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB or 16GB storage. It'll have an 8-megapixel camera on the back, too. The bad news? There's no microSD slot, according to these specs.

While the handset will be similar in specs to the Optimus G, it'll look more like the Galaxy Nexus, according to a source who claims to have had his hands on the device. "It has a silver'ring like the iPhone 3G around the outer edge of the screen which seemed to be similar to the Galaxy Nexus in size but was much better in brightness," the tipster writes.

"I couldn't have said if it was larger in the few minutes I had the phone. Also, it has Nexus written on the back like the Nexus 7 except there is a colour element to it. The 'X' is in four colours. There was also the LG logo on the back." 

Previous reports said the device would launch next month, but our colleagues in the US reckon the end of October is more likely.

Google will also open up the Nexus brand to anyone who wants to make a handset bearing the legend, according to reports. All companies have to do is meet Google's spec requirements. 

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