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LG KF700 is all about choices

LG Electronics announces several touch-screen cell phones at GSMA 2008, including the LG KF700.

LG KF700
LG KF700

Building on the success of the LG Prada phone, LG Electronics introduced several new touch-screen beauties at GSMA 2008 Mobile World Congress, including the LG KF700. The KF700 features a touch-sensitive 3-inch screen where you can swipe your finger to access several widgets, and the large size lends itself quite nicely to Web browsing and watching videos. But unlike the iPhone and Prada, the KF700 doesn't solely rely on the screen for phone operation. LG wanted to give users a choice as far as input methods, and it also wanted to answer customer requests for a multimedia phone that didn't require you to dig through menus (amen). As such, the KF700 also comes equipped with an alphanumeric keypad and a shortcut dial.

The keypad, which can be accessed by sliding the screen up, obviously makes for easier dialing and text messaging. Meanwhile, the shortcut dial, which is located on the back of the phone (interesting), gives you quick access to six user-defined applications. It can also be used to scroll through e-mail and Web pages.

Other phone features include a music and video player, a 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and 90MB of internal memory with a microSD expansion slot. The LG KF700 will be available in Europe in mid-March, while other markets should see the phone in subsequent months. No word yet on pricing or whether it will be available in the United States.