LG introduces its CTIA accessory lineup

LG announces a new mono Bluetooth headset, a wireless charging pad, and presents its latest stereo Bluetooth headset at CTIA 2011.

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Nicole Lee
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LG introduced a few new accessories to go along with its big G2X announcement today. They include the HBM-905 mono Bluetooth headset, the HBS-700 stereo Bluetooth headset, and the WCP-700 wireless charging pad.

LG HBM-905

The HBM-905 appears to be the successor to the LG HBM-900 Bluetooth headset, with a similar long and skinny design. It features three microphones that promise solid audio quality along with background noise suppression. Other features include the usual capability to answer, end, and reject a call, last number redial, and a multipoint function that lets you connect to two devices simultaneously. It also has name alert, a text/SMS reader, and up to 4 hours of talk time.

As for the HBS-700, it isn't really a big surprise as it came out a few months ago, but LG is just making a show of it for CTIA. It has a unique and very comfortable design, which isn't always the case with stereo Bluetooth headsets. Check out our review of the LG HBS-700 for more information about it.

LG Wireless Charging Pad
LG Wireless Charging Pad LG

Last but not least is the LG WCP-700 wireless charging pad. As the name suggests, it lets you charge your phone without wires. It provides audible and tactile feedback so that you know when the handset is properly placed on the pad, and it has a multicolor LED charging-status indicator. We're not sure if your phone needs to have a special case attached to it in order for it to work, and are confirming that with LG. LG has said that it should fully charge your phone in about two hours.

LG has not provided any pricing or availability information for the HBM-905 and the WCP-700 charging pad just yet. The HBS-700 retails for around $69.99 and is available now.