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LG GD910 watch phone on sale in July

LG says its GD910 watch phone -- eagerly awaited by suave spies and crime fighters everywhere -- will be in stores next month around Europe

It may cost £1,000, but we still want the LG GD910 watch phone, because when one of those futuristic promises from the 1980s comes true, you've got to embrace that shizzle.

Now Unwired View points us at an announcement from the Korean LG mothership that we can expect the overpriced future to drop in our stores next month.

LG wouldn't confirm the exact date we'll be saving up for here in the UK, but according to their announcement, the watch phone will be launched all over Europe in July. It'll be exclusively through Orange and the brilliantly transliterated "kaponweeohawooseu" (Carphone Warehouse).

This little guy packs in a 36mm (1.4-inch) screen and is only 14mm thick, which is handy when you try to fit your hand in your pocket so you don't get mugged for your £1,000 watch phone.

But it's bigger on the inside, with 7.2Mbps HSDPA for speedy data transfer, speech recognition, text to speech, Bluetooth and a music player. And to seal its James Bond cred, it's waterproof.

Check out our photos and video of the arm-candy if you want to see more. 

Update, 7 July 2009: Orange contacted us today with some bad news -- the GD910's launch has been pushed back and it won't be available until August. Curses!