LG GC990 Louvre concept phone: Mr Louvre man -- shabba!

LG is showing off the GC900 camera phone concept, packed with photographic whistles and bells under the codename Louvre

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As terrible names go, the LG Louvre isn't up there with the worst, but it's still pretty awful. Still, we won't pass up any opportunity for a truly terrible headline, and anyway it's just a codename. The GC990 is an all-guns-blazing 12-megapixel camera phone concept.

LG CG900 Louvre

The GC900 shoots 1,280x720-pixel video at 30fps, as well as high-resolution stills. It sees the world through a Schneider-Kreuznach lens, the same company that makes glass for Kodak and Samsung digital cameras. You get autofocus and you can tap the screen to focus, as on the new iPhone 3GS. A xenon flash keeps things lit up and the odd-sounding Intellizoom makes its debut.

LG is showing off the GC990 at the Korea Products Exhibition, confusingly held in Warsaw. It's a touchscreen phone with an enormous 81mm (3.2-inch), 16 million colours and auto-rotating S-Class Touch user interface. It packs GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with DLNA.

As well as a TV-out option, the Louvre supports DivX and Xvid video formats for watching video on the go.

It is still a concept, of course, but we'll keep you posted when the GC990 leaves the gallery and hits the shops.