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LG Ally details leak ahead of press event

Pretty much everything you'll want to know about the LG Ally has been leaked, courtesy of Boy Genius Report. In fact, the only thing we really have is an official price.


LG is set to host an event on Tuesday evening in New York to reveal all the details about its first Android device for the U.S. market, the LG Ally. However, the Boy Genius Report got a jump-start when it posted a handful of presentation screen shots this morning, which pretty much gives us everything we need to know about the phone.

Looking through the specs, we find that the Ally has hardware that closely resembles the Motorola Devour. Both handsets are powered by 600MHz processors and have 512MB ROM and 256MB RAM. However, there are some subtle differences to be found. Whereas the Devour offers a 3-megapixel camera, the LG Ally also has autofocus and an LED flash. One of the biggest differences comes in the display: the Ally's 3.2-inch, 800x480-pixel screen has the same resolution as the Nexus One and the Droid Incredible.

The handset runs what appears to be a stock Google Android experience with some slight customization from LG and Verizon. Yes, it looks like Big Red will be the official carrier, as the slides show the phone preloaded with its Visual Voicemail and VCAST Media Manager applications. Meanwhile, LG has created its own calendar, a news/weather widget, and a social-networking widget called Socialite for the Ally.

The only thing we've yet to hear is price, but we expect such details to be revealed at tonight's event. CNET will be in attendance, so be sure to check back for more information and our hands-on impressions.