Lego Builder's Journey now available exclusively on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has a new brick-based puzzle adventure that's all about quiet, thoughtful play.

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The new game is out exclusively on Apple Arcade. 

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This story is part of CNET's coverage of Apple Arcade, including exclusive first looks we got at some of the service's high-profile new games.

Apple Arcade on Friday added another new game to its $4.99 monthly subscription service. Lego Builder's Journey joins Apple Arcade's growing catalog of games. The games are available on iPad , iPhone and Apple TV to start, with content slowly coming to the Mac as well.

Lego Builder's Journey, formerly called Lego Arthouse, is the debut title from Light Brick, a new internal Lego Games studio. It's a narrative puzzle adventure about building your own path. 

"It's a poetic story about experimentation, creativity and why it's important to never stop connecting through play, regardless of age or generation," Karsten Lund, creative director and head of Light Brick studio told CNET via email. 

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While players are probably familiar with Lego games such as Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter --Lego Brawls on Apple Arcade -- the new game is something different. Lund said the developers wanted to tap into another part of Lego's DNA and explore the puzzle genre, and make brick-building the core mechanic while delivering a poetic narrative about play at the same time. 

"We believe that Lego play also has a more quiet, thoughtful and meditative side," Lund said. "The joy of building a Lego model is a very well known and loved experience, which we believe is a perfect fit for this type of game."

They key to having fun playing the new game is taking your time, not rushing, Lund said. He also recommended using headphones to experience the soundtrack.

"Sometimes you need to think differently and try a more creative approach to solving the game's puzzles," Lund said. "Remember to give yourself the time and space to play. Playing is one of the most important things to do in life, and we're getting less and less time to just leave everyday life and be creative and playful."

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