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Leather Smart Cases will protect new iPad Air, iPad Mini

Apple's new Smart Cases combine the rear and edge protection of an iPhone case with the screen coverage of an iPad Smart Cover.

Apple iPad Smart Case (leather)

When buyers pick up their new, thinner iPad Air or Retina Display iPad Mini in November, Apple will also be ready with accessories to protect them. At today's iPad event in San Francisco, Apple announced new leather Smart Cases for its freshly announced tablet products.

Leather iPad Smart Case
The new Smart Cases are available in six colors. Apple

The new covers offer all-around coverage for the tablets, combining the rear and edge protection of the iPhone 5S' new case with the screen protection of a Smart Cover.

Like the new iPhone's case, these Smart Cases will be made of dyed leather on the outside that is available in six colors: brown, beige, black, yellow, blue, and red. Meanwhile, the interior is lined with microfiber, which Apple claims will keep your device and screen clean while it's being protected.

Protecting the screen is a three-paneled leather and microfiber cover similar to the magnetic iPad Smart Covers that we're familiar with. The automatic wake/sleep function of the Smart Cover remains intact, as well as the option to fold the cover into a triangular stand or grip.

The iPad Air Smart Case and iPad Mini Smart Case will cost $79 and $69, respectively, when they debut alongside their compatible tablets in a few weeks. Product RED versions of these covers will also be available, with a portion of the proceeds going toward HIV/AIDS research.

Additionally, there will be a new polyurethane iPad Air Smart Cover available, which is identical to the standard iPad Smart Cover but resized to fit the smaller iPad Air's proportions. The iPad Air Smart Cover will retail for $39 when it launches. That's $10 cheaper than the larger, older model.