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Learn the secrets of Google Now voice commands (infographic)

This handy chart lists more than 60 commands for interacting with Google's voice assistant, including some fun Easter eggs. They work with the iOS version, too.

At the risk of incurring Android fanboy wrath, Google Now is a lot like Apple's Siri: it responds to voice commands and can perform lots of cool and practical functions.

Of course, like Siri, it comes without an instruction manual. And, in fact, if you invoke the help command or look at Google's own support page, you'll get only an abbreviated list of the available voice actions.

Over at, however, there's a new infographic listing around 60 Google Now voice commands, everything from Communication to Notes & Reminders to Easter Eggs.

I'll admit there are a lot of commands here I never thought to try, especially ones like, "Who acted in..." and "Has [flight number] landed?" And the Easter eggs are loads of fun. That said, many, if not most, of the same commands produce the same results when spoken to Siri.

Speaking of which, I tested these on both an iPhone 4S (running the newly updated Google Search app) and a Republic Wireless Moto X. The latter offers the insanely awesome always-listening capability, meaning I can say, "OK, Google Now," then speak my command, all without so much as touching the phone.

In any case, here's the full infographic. Chances are good you'll learn some new ways to get more from Google Now. And if you know of any other commands not listed here, by all means share them in the comments.