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Leaked Sprint memo tips major 4G LTE expansion for April 12

New details indicate the carrier's 4G LTE network will soon grow by nearly two dozen cities.

Sprint's 4G LTE footprint may soon grow by nearly two dozen cities.
Phone Arena

Sprint may be announcing the launch of 4G LTE services in over 20 new markets on Friday, April 12, if a leaked memo proves to be accurate.

According to details obtained by Phone Arena, LTE speeds will soon arrive in 21 markets spread across ten states. Among the cities listed in the memo are Los Angeles, Ca., Charlotte, NC, Memphis, Tn., and Virginia Beach, Va. Should all of these cities go live on Friday, Sprint will have just shy of 100 LTE areas.

While Sprint has not officially announced the rollout of 4G LTE in these cities, the carrier is not shy about development. Sprint is so excited about its network, that the carrier created a special Twitter hashtag, #Discover4GLA, just for Los Angeles.

As is the norm, consumers may encounter faster connection speeds in the runup period before the official announcement. According to the leak, download speeds are expected to be in the range of 6 to 8Mbps with peak speeds at up to 25Mbps.

It is likely that Sprint will step on the gas with the new network as the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 come to market.

With both devices touching down on a variety of carriers, Sprint will need to expand the footprint quickly if it hopes to catch AT&T. Ma Bell recently surpassed 175 markets whereas Sprint is currently listed with 67 markets. Verizon, for its part, still leads the LTE pack with nearly 500 markets.