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Leaked recording discusses Apple's efforts to prevent leaks

According to a recording obtained by the Outline, the iPhone maker is stepping up security to stop future leaks.

Leaked pics of the iPhone 8. 
Benjamin Geskin

Apple is reportedly employing former members of the US Military, the Secret Service, the FBI and the National Security Agency to prevent internal leaks. Ironically, this info was obtained by a recording of an internal company meeting that was leaked to The Outline.

The recording was one of many presentations for Apple employees about keeping the company's secrets safe, the site reports. The meeting shed light on just how far the secretive tech giant will go to try to keep its upcoming products under wraps.

Apple employs a number of investigators with impressive resumes around the world to both prevent future leaks and to catch perpetrators when leaks do occur. The Outline notes that many past leaks came from the company's production facilities in China, but more recent leaks are originating closer to home -- including Apple's campuses in California.

There have been an avalanche of purported leaks about the upcoming iPhone 8. We'll see if Apple's internal meetings can restore the surprise to Apple's major product announcements when the 10th-anniversary iPhone is announced, likely in September. 

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.