Leaked Nokia EOS images fuel the rumor fire

Images surfaced today of what could be Nokia's next camera-driven flagship phone.

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Nokia EOS photo, reportedly
A brand-new Twitter user surfaced this photo, reportedly of the forthcoming Nokia EOS smartphone. ViziLeaks

Not one, but two sources bubbled up photos on Wednesday of a Nokia Windows phone that could be the handset-maker's next flagship, after its freshly-announced Lumia 925.

Known as the Nokia EOS, photos from a GSM Arena tipster and from a new Twitter user going by ViziLeaks (via WP Central) both show a similar squared-off shape and tall dimensions.

Nokia EOS photo from GSM Arena tipster
This dimmer, less focused shot came from GSM Arena's tipster. GSM Arena

Most importantly, the photos zero in on a prominent camera module that, in images, boasts a high-capacity sensor. The rumors point to the 41-megapixel capability that we saw in the Nokia 808 PureView, minus the enormous bulge on the camera's flip side. Here, the module still pops out but in a lower profile than before, and with much more finesse.

You should also note the long flash, which resembles the Xenon flash of the Lumia 928, and the second, smaller LED, which on the 928 is used largely for focusing.

Rumored Nokia EOS photos
The camera module on this handset sticks out, though isn't as bulbous as Nokia's 808 PureView. GSM Arena

As for the rest of the body, the handset's black casing looks similar to the polycarbonate material sheathing the majority of Nokia Lumia phones, including the 920, and the screen in these shots has the same deep black and slightly bubbled surface as the high-end, super-sensitive screens coated in a glare-reducing ClearBlack filter.

Since Nokia's Lumia 925 has yet to hit T-Mobile here in the U.S. (or even attach itself to a launch date and pricing,) I'd be surprised to see this EOS phone arrive before fall. On the other hand, Nokia has been positively pumping out smartphones spanning entry-level to high-end, so you never know.

Either way, a slimmer 41-megapixel camera with 808 PureView capabilities is one that's kept Nokia fans salivating for two years now, so you can bet we'll be tracking this one.

Nokia EOS photo, reportedly
ViziLeaks also took this shot of the phone that could be Nokia's Eos, next to a BlackBerry Torch. ViziLeaks