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Leak shows off LG's upcoming V30 from all angles

You can thank leakster Evan Blass for these new images.

Evan Blass

Few surprises remain about the upcoming LG V30, following a tweeted image from leakster Evan Blass which shows the phone off from all sides. 

From the front, the phone looks similar to the flagship G6, launched at MWC earlier this year, with a very narrow bezel on all sides. The back of the handset looks highly reflective, although whether it's polished metal, glass or plastic is difficult to confirm from this image alone.

It also looks like the phone curves at the sides on both the front and back, giving a side profile that looks very much like Samsung's Galaxy S8. 

LG has already teased many of the phone's features. We know that the camera will have an f/1.6 camera aperture -- the best we've seen yet on a phone. 

The phone is rumoured to be appearing later this month so we hopefully won't have long to wait for more info. 

LG hadn't responded to a request for comment at the time of publication of this article.