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Latest alleged 3G iPhone photo surfaces

Latest alleged 3G iPhone photo surfaces

Images allegedly depicting a forthcoming 3G iPhone are a dime a dozen. Numerous sites have posted purportedly genuine photos of the actual device, mock-ups, and renderings -- some ridiculous, others plausible.

A word of circumspection regarding these photos: even prominent case manufacturers generally do not receive advance prototypes of any future-release iPod or iPhone models. Instead, case manufacturers, for the most part, actually read rumors regarding forthcoming models, analyze the possibilities and subsequently draft mock-ups or create actual sample products based on potential outcomes. Some manufacturers go so far as to run production with east Asian manufacturers based on projected designs. As such, any photos of the 3G iPhone supposedly based on case manufacturer designs should be treated with suspicion.

That said, yet another alleged 3G iPhone shot has surfaced. This picture comes from "JSN1," a respected member of the "Hackintosh" forums who previously developed a method for using iPhones with Mac OS X 10.4.9 and earlier.

The low-res image depicts an off-black device strikingly similar to the current iPhone. JSN1 claims the photo was taken at the 5th Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan, where Apple was rumored to be shooting a commercial for the upcoming iPhone. In response to incredulity from another forum poster, JSN1 quips: "I will accept your apologies by PM (personal message) on June 9."

Take it as you will: