Large crowds for iPads overseas; supply questions remain

Apple begins sales of the iPad outside the U.S. and, according to reports, it appears to be a big day. Supplies of the tablet, however, may be limited overseas.

Joe Aimonetti MacFixIt Editor
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Joe Aimonetti

Apple released the iPad outside the U.S. on Friday, which should prove to be a big day for the company internationally given the large crowds that turned out, according to reports. Supplies of the tablet device, however, may be limited overseas.

With much of the tech world's attention focused on the international release of Apple's iPad, Reuters reports that Apple may still be dealing with supply issues that forced the company to delay its original international launch date to help satisfy domestic demand.


Apple's iPad is now on sale in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, and Canada with an impending release in China and other countries yet to be announced. Reuters, in it's report on supply constraints, quotes Andy Hargreaves, a U.S.-based analyst at Pacific Crest Securities who predicts that, "there's still going to be supply constraints, but I'm expecting them to sell every single thing they can ship."

The supply crunch seems to be mostly caused by Apple parts suppliers being unable to manufacture the products in a sufficient quantity. Needless to say though, it appears iPad is a runaway hit for Apple and Friday's international release will only serve to bolster the company's impressive revenue on the new device, as long as suppliers can keep producing units.