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Kyocera goes square with the Adreno S2400

The new Kyocera Adreno S2400 is designed with simplicity in mind.

Kyocera Adreno S2400

Kyocera chose CTIA to unveil is new Adreno S2400, a low-end flip phone that offers a simple design and functional features. Be advised there's not a lot of whizbang functionality here; rather, the Adreno is all about making calls. That's hardly a bad thing, though, and we like that the S2400 offers Bluetooth 1.2 and voice dialing. You'll also find text and multimedia messaging, basic organizer features, a speakerphone, a WAP Internet browser, voice memos, a vibrate mode, and a 500-contact phone book.

The Adreno is designed for making calls Kyocera

On the outside the Adreno won't win any design awards, but that's no to say it's unattractive. Its look is dominated by squares and rectangles, from the rectangle of the phone itself to the square, and monochrome, external display. This angular theme continues to the inside as well. The 65,000 color rectangular display is surrounded by a rectangular frame while just below it are the boxy navigation array and keypad buttons. Silver and black predominate throughout the S2400 so as we said, there's not a huge focus on design. But for users that just want a handset without all the frills, we imagine that they won't mind the Adreno's simplicity.

Kyocera has yet to reveal carrier and pricing information, but we know that the Adreno is a CDMA phone and it supports BREW instead of Java.