KitKat ROMs come to Galaxy Nexus, install at your own risk

Fancy a taste of KitKat on your Galaxy Nexus? Now's your chance with these highly unofficial ROMs.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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Android KitKat isn't coming to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google announced this week. But that hasn't stopped some enterprising developers.

A couple of KitKat ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus have popped up over at XDA Developers. They're 100 per cent unofficial of course, so as ever with these things, you install at your own risk.

The first is called A Taste of KitKat, by someone called Grarak. It's had some pretty positive feedback at XDA Developers, and most features seemed to work, except the Wi-Fi. But that's been fixed now, according to Coolsmartphone. The graphics aren't perfect though. You can see the scratchy lines across the screen, like interference on an old-style telly. This is due to the Texas Instruments chipset that's not supported anymore, and is one of the reasons Google didn't bring KitKat to the Galaxy Nexus.

The other ROM is SlimKat, by kufikugel. Again, it suffers the same graphical glitches, and because of the unsupported chipset inside the Galaxy Nexus, it doesn't look like these bugs will be fixed anytime soon.

But if you can put up with less than perfect visuals, want to check out KitKat, and don't mind risking bricking your phone, they might be worth a look.

Google announced Android KitKat this week alongside the Nexus 5. KitKat is coming to other devices, too. It'll be on the Nexus 4Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 within weeks, and the HTC One "very, very soon". Samsung and Sony are yet to firm up any plans, but expect to hear something next week. A Samsung spokesperson told us it'll announce its plans "in due course". Sony tweeted it'll have something to announce next week, along with some new products, and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean news. Intriguing…

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