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Kingston launches Wi-Drive for iOS device storage

Now selling through Amazon and other retailers, Kingston's new Wi-Drive external drive lets iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users store and access content directly on their devices.

Kingston's new Wi-Drive is now available for sale.
Kingston's new Wi-Drive is now available for sale. Kingston

Running out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad? Then you may want to take a look at Kingston's new Wi-Drive.

Now available for sale through a variety of retailers, the Wi-Drive stores content that iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users can access directly on their devices. So you can house documents, music, videos, e-books, and other files on the drive and then wirelessly stream that content onto your iOS device. You don't even need a local Wi-Fi connection; the drive uses its own built-in Wi-Fi to communicate with up to three mobile devices at one time.

Kingston is offering and directly selling the Wi-Drive in two different flavors: a 16GB version for $149 and a 32GB model for $199. But you'll find lower prices elsewhere. Vendors such as Amazon, Newegg, Fry's, and J&R are selling the 16GB edition for $129 and the 32GB model for $179.

The Wi-Drive follows on the heels of a similar device from Seagate dubbed the GoFlex Satellite. The GoFlex Satellite sells for $199 but provides 500GB of storage.

A look at the Wi-Drive by CNET's David Carnoy found it comparable to the GoFlex Satellite, though both share the same limitation of limited support for video codecs, a problem that Kingston told CNET it hopes to address down the road.

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