Just5 is good for grandma

Just5 is a company in Europe that makes phones for the elderly. We take a closer look at them at CTIA.

Nicole Lee Former Editor
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Nicole Lee

While we were perusing through CTIA's list of Emerging Tech award nominees, we noticed an interesting company called Just5. A company based in Europe, Just5 makes and sells basic phones for the elderly, in the style of both the Jitterbug and the Doro PhoneEasy handsets.

Just5 is currently only selling one model of their phones for the U.S. market, and that is the Just5 09 model. As you can see from the images here, the phone is really small and compact, with only one line of display text. The buttons are simply huge, which is great for those with bad eyesight. On the back of the phone is an SOS button that you can program with an emergency number. It can make and receive calls and text messages, and it has Bluetooth and an FM radio, but not much else. The Just5 phones also boast really loud volume and a long-lasting battery with around 100 minutes of talk time. 

The Just5 09 phones are available in black, red, gray, orange, and white. They cost around $120 dollars but are available unlocked so you can use them with any GSM carrier. The company has also started selling its Just5 10 model in Europe and is planning on a Just5 11 model for next year.