Just Mobile Xtand displays, holds iPhones

Just Mobile Xtand displays and holds your iPhone for easier one-handed access, but it falters slightly in design and portability.

David Martin
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David Martin
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Do you constantly pick up your iPhone to check its display? Do you want to use your iPhone with one hand? Or perhaps you're always looking for something to prop up your handset so you can watch videos. If these circumstances apply to you, you need a stand for your iPhone.

Just Mobile's Xtand ($40), which I got to test this week, gives you a place to put your iPhone while making it readily available for one-handed operation or showing it off. I liked the concept, but I didn't find it useful since my iPhone spends most of its time inside a rubber case. The iPhone won't fit in the stand unless I undress it, which is a bother for me.

Just Mobile

The Xtand accommodates the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS in its four arms with interchangeable rubber pieces. You can rotate it between horizontal and vertical viewing positions, but I noticed that two hands are required to remove the iPhone from the Xtand.

The Xtand won't harm the iPhone, and it won't leave any marks on its skin. You can access all the handset's buttons, its docking port, and its earphone jack. Just be aware that the screw holding the iPhone to the base can become loose. Also, I wish the stand was more portable for travel.

As it puts your iPhone directly in your field of view, the stand makes it easier to watch videos, view alerts, and flip through coverflow in the iPod app. If you use these features frequently, then you should give the Xtand a try. On the other hand, if you're like me and you keep your iPhone inside of a slip-on rubber case and you prefer iPhone accessories that are portable, then the Xtand isn't for you.