Juicy BlackBerry 9000 rumors

RIM is keeping busy at CTIA 2008, but images of the new RIM BlackBerry 9000 are starting to create a stir in the blogosphere.

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Bonnie Cha

Research in Motion has been keeping itself plenty busy at CTIA 2008 with the release of the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 for Verizon Wireless and Sprint and the RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120. However, it might be a product that's not at the show that's causing the biggest stir among BlackBerry fans. Several sites, including Engadget Mobile and Mobile Magazine, have started posting pictures and "insider information" of the rumored RIM BlackBerry 9000. Based on some of the photos, the BlackBerry 9000 has a sexier look with rounded edges, and it's also said that it will rock a better interface, thanks to the new BlackBerry OS 4.5. Inside, the smartphone will be equipped with a 624MHz processor, GPS, Wi-Fi, and HSDPA (latest word says it will come to AT&T this summer) but apparently has a poor battery life, according to one anonymous RIM informant.

Elsewhere in Rumorland, the Boy Genius Report says a GPS-equipped RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is headed for AT&T. As you may recall, the carrier just recently got the Wi-Fi-enabled RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and while GPS is a nice addition, why can't we have both in one device? Just saying. Anyway, we're always skeptical of rumors, but we're keeping tabs on this bit of news, and we'll keep you updated as well. In the meantime, it's always fun to look at the pretty pictures and dream, right?