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Jobs is coming: Look busy

Steve Jobs is reported to have returned to work at Apple today. Crave's resident celeb blogger Tizzy Lohan-Olsen has the scoop. We were all like, OMG!!!

Reports are reaching Crave Towers that Steve Jobs is back at work at Apple. We're extremely glad he's feeling better, but we're too busy testing out the latest gadgets, so we called on Crave's celebrity blogger Tizzy Lohan-Olsen to cover the story...

Spotted: Steve Jobs in the hizzouse! Yes, we're hearing that El Jobso stuck his head round the door at Apple HQ in Cupertino today. Squee! We're so happy to see him back. There's been a lot of talk in the media about the impact of the Stevinator's health problems on Apple stock, but the really big question is: what was he wearing?!!?!

Officially, Apple is keeping quiet, but S-to-the-J was spotted leaving by a Reuters reporter. Hey, that's fun to say! We've heard that El Stevedor went for, yes, the famous black polo-neck/blue-denim combo. Yaayy!!!

Employees have confirmed La Steviata's presence, in between hurriedly scraping old food wrappers into drawers and clearing their Safari histories. It's hardly been two months since SteJo had a liver transplant, allegedly in Tennessee -- yee-haw! He's certainly coming out fighting, saying in the iPhone 3G S statement that, "Customers are voting, and the iPhone is winning." That's right Ste-dawg! Take that haters! 1 million 3G S' sold! Bam POW!

For the real inside scoop, as it were, stevesnewliver is tweeting all about it. Love ya Steve!!!!xxxoooxxx