Jet City Devices: iPhone screen repairs while you wait

Any Apple store can replace a busted screen for you, but the price tag is a jaw-dropping $200. In Chicago and Seattle, it'll cost you $85 and 15 minutes.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Ouch! Talk about ruining your whole day. But if you live in Chicago or Seattle, you can get it fixed in 15 minutes. gregmote

When your mind replays your iPhone's ill-fated fall to the pavement, followed by that gut-wrenching sound of shattered glass, it'll no doubt be in slow motion. Traumatic events like that often are.

If you're lucky enough to live in Chicago or Seattle, however, you can get your baby fixed fast. Jet City Devices is an iPhone repair service that on Monday, March 1, will open a new location in Chicago's Orland Square Mall. (The Seattle office: already open.)

Both locations will replace your glass in 15 minutes for a flat rate of $85. There are, of course, countless other services that offer similar repairs at similar prices, but Jet City Devices is the only outfit I know of that lets you walk in the door and, minutes later, walk out with a fixed iPhone.

If neither of those two cities is geographically desirable, you can ship your device (at your expense, natch) and enjoy 24-hour turnaround. The repair rates are the same; return shipping will cost you $6.95 for Priority or $19.95 for Next Day.

All this may seem a little steep, but keep in mind Apple charges $199 for non-warranty/out-of-warranty repairs like this. (At least you can get similarly fast service: Apple retail stores can now replace busted screens on-site).

Have you ever endured the agony of shattered iPhone glass? If so, what did you do about it? Pony up to Apple? Use a third-party service like Jet City? Or try a DIY approach like this one at iFixit? Share your tales in the comments.