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Jens of Sweden back

Jens of Sweden back

Those sneaky Scandanavians--Jens of Sweden (JOS) is back in the news with the announcement of a new weatherproof MP3 player. The last announcement a few months back stated its intention to close down shop.

According to JOS, the MP-X is the "first MP3 player adapted to the Scandinavian weather." The thoughtfully designed flash-based player is lightweight and durable, thanks to its rubber body. Oh yeah, and it doesn't have a display.

JOS now has a new Web site that allows purchase of the player in the United States. Prices are $102.81 for the 1GB version and $82.14 for the 512MB version.

More MP-X specs:

  • Sound format: MP3, WMA, ASF, and Ogg Vorbis music files.
  • Internal lithium-polymer battery with about 12 hours of playing time, loaded through the computer, as well as an internal USB 2.0 high-speed port, compatible with USB 1.1.
  • System requirements for the computer include Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP, a USB port, and 128MB of RAM minimum; Macintosh: OS 9.2 or later.
  • 20mW + 20mW effect to be compared to MP120 18mW + 18mW.
  • DRM support for PD-DRM 9.0, Xsync, and MediaRose.
  • Six equalizer settings in order to optimize the sound.
  • Dimensions are 54mm by 43mm by 11mm.
  • MP-X is delivered with a USB cable, and optional accessories are available on