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The Jaybird Run XT is an updated true wireless sports earphones that's now fully waterproof

It's a new, more durable version of the company's AirPods rival.

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With the new Jaybird Run XT, the company has added full waterproofing (IPX7 rating) and new color options to its earlier fully wireless AirPods competitor, the Jaybird Run. That 2017 model fit well and sounded good, but in my tests an otherwise pleasing listening experience was marred by occasional dropouts.

It's unclear if anything's been upgraded on the inside, but the battery life -- around 4 hours, plus two extra charges from the included charging case -- hasn't changed and neither has the price: The Run XT will list for $180 (£170, AU$250). It's set to hit stores in early February.

Watch this: Jaybird goes totally wireless with new Run earphones

In conjunction with the earphones' launch, the Jaybird App, which allows you to tweak treble and bass settings, will be updated with a new curated podcast playlist feature so you can cue up a playlist before you take off on a run or other fitness activity.

I'll have a full review as soon as I get a review sample. You can see our video and photos of the original Run below.

Jaybird Run wireless sports earphones

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