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Jawbone: Military-spec Bluetooth headset

Introducing the Jawbone, a stylish Bluetooth headset that packs some serious features to let you hear your calls better

This isn't just another Bluetooth headset -- this is the Jawbone, a designer, military-spec Bluetooth headset that incorporates all kinds of ear-loving goodness on the inside and outside.

According to its manufacturer, Aliph, the Jawbone's Noise Shield technology uses sensors to adjust call and mic volume, making it much easier to hear people calling you and vice-versa. This nifty tech was originally developed for DARPA, the US military's boffin department.

Designed by Yves Béhar, the Jawbone looks and feels like a quality piece of kit and while we're not completely convinced by the ear hook, we did manage to take that off and wear the Jawbone a-la-earbud. It's light and feels comfortable to wear, in contrast to many other Bluetooth headsets out there.

We definitely noticed the benefit from the Noise Shield when we were making calls and it was easy to hear people on the other end, but don't expect miracles -- you'll still have trouble calling your mum from your drum 'n' bass club night.

It's currently available from eXpansys and Carphone Warehouse for about £70, which frankly is steeper than the Eiger, but if you enjoy boasting about your Mission: Impossible-style spy equipment or regularly take calls in noisy places, check it out. -Andrew Lim