iSkin Duo & Neo: podcessory & PSPcessory

iSkin is updating its range of silicone iPod covers, with a set of glow-in-the-dark nano skins, and a rather swanky new PSP lambskin range

Guy Cocker
2 min read

Let's face it, the iPod may be a modern icon, but it's just not built to withstand the rigours of modern life. The iPod and iPod nano are scratch magnets. After a week of normal use they end up looking like they've been through a tumble dryer with a set of razor blades. If you're going to buy a case to stop all this, iSkin offers Crave's favourite combination of style and function, and its silicone-based range of protectors now extends to the iPod nano.

Unlike the skins that have gone before it, the iSkin Duo cases have two separate jackets in addition to a cover for the Clickwheel. These completely wrap around the 'pod, covering all the ports and keeping them dust-free, but making them easy to access when you're throwing it around on the streets with gay abandon. Our 'Carbon Blast' model (pictured) also glows in the dark, and if you don't want the brown outer jacket, you don't need to use it. The iSkin's complete coverage means you could use it for years and still have a shop-condition iPod underneath, but it does undermine the cool allure of Apple's symbolic micro-sized player. You pays your £20, you takes your choice.

Now that the Sony PSP is flavour of the month, iSkin has got on the case (you see what Crave did there?) with a brand-new set of lamb-skin protectors. We've been enjoying the 'Hornet' version (that's puce green in real money) for our console, and the result is something we might actually use, even if we'd secretly prefer any of the other four colours. The £30 case comes with space to put a UMD, two slots for Memory Stick PRO Duo cards (although who can afford two of those?), as well as a fold-out stand so you can watch a movie on the train, hands-free.

Again, it does destroy the cool allure of the PSP somewhat, but if you're a clumsy type the iSkin Neo feels as though it will protect the console pretty well. Just be okay with the high probability that Paris Hilton keeps hers in one of these. The package also includes free multimedia software to help you with the notoriously tricky task of converting video for your PSP, as well as backing up your saved games. Both new skins are on sale now. We're off to lobby iSkin to let us have one of its shiny new Evo3 skins for our iPod video. -GC