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iSkin debuts slick new iPhone case: Solo FX SE

iSkin is expanding its popular Solo line of iPhone cases with a new special-edition model, the $34.99 Solo FX SE, which has a matte finish.


iSkin's colorful, form-fitting Solo line of iPhone cases has some of the slicker designs out there. Now the company has come out with the "special-edition" Solo FX SE, which sports a "luxurious outer surface treatment" that combines an "understated" matte finish with a "subtle," embossed, designer pattern.

Available in Onyx (black), Cosmo (pink), and Ice (white) for $34.99 (list), the Solo FX SE is the only Solo infused with Microban antimicrobial product protection that iSkin says prevents the growth of odor-and-stain-causing bacteria on the product.

This Solo is also the first to come with two different protective-screen films: one that's clear and one that's mirrored "and comes alive when the iPhone goes to sleep."

Comments? Anybody like iSkin's iPhone cases?