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Is this LG’s first Windows Phone 8 device?

Dubbed the Uni8, the device sports the familiar Windows Phone 8 interface, at least in this image provided by Evleaks.

Evleaks/Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

LG could be getting into the Windows Phone 8 game, if a new image popping online turns out to be the real deal.

An image posted by oft-accurate tipster Evleaks shows an LG phone with the traditional Windows Phone screen. Dubbed the LG Uni8, the device could see the light of day this year, according to Evleaks' tweet as it specifically lists 2014.

The Uni8 resembles a traditional Windows Phone handset with the tiled home screen and the familiar navigation keys at the bottom. But otherwise, the leak doesn't reveal any specs or details about the device.

CNET contacted LG for comment and will update the story with any further information. In February of 2013, LG told CNET that it had no immediate plans to sell a Windows Phone 8 handset, citing a lack of huge demand.

Still, if the image is legit, and Evleaks has a good track record, it means LG would join such players as Microsoft and Samsung in trying to carve out a niche in the Windows Phone 8 handset arena. But LG will certainly have its work cut out for it.

Windows Phone continues to gain market share but remains a distant No. 3 in a mobile landscape dominated by Android and iOS. In 2010, LG launched its Windows Phone 7 Optimus devices. But in early 2011, LG marketing rep James Choi reportedly called the launch underwhelming due to an inability to capture the interest of consumers.

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