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Is the GrooveShield Form the best iPhone 3G case yet?

Looking for a case that won't make your iPhone look like a brick, but will still protect it from scratches? Have a look at the Cygnett GrooveShield Form

It's rare that we get a mobile phone case in that really excites us -- as you can imagine -- but we think we've found one. The Cygnett GrooveShield Form iPhone 3G case is as simple as it is beautiful -- yes that's right, we just called a case beautiful.

The GrooveShield Form is very straightforward: it's shaped in such a way that it hugs your iPhone 3G perfectly and protects the back, corners and edges from scratches and general wear and tear.

Because of its thinness, the GrooveShield Form almost looks like it's part of the case and in fact many people who've seen ours thought we had some special-edition ninja iPhone -- which is exactly what you want a case to look like.

Depending on your preference you can get the GrooveShield Form in black, pink, red and check. You'll be able to get your hands on a GrooveShield Form for around £13, but a retailer has yet to be announced. -Andrew Lim