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iRiver T50: The Toblerone MP3 player

iRiver's new T50 is shaped like a Toblerone and is aimed at the price-concious music lover by offering 1GB of flash memory for MP3's

Maybe you're recovering from the ungodly hangover of a £500 PS3 spending spree, and it may not be in your interest to splash out on a new £200 MP3 player. Or maybe you're a 21st-century Dickensian mogul who gives a stern finger-wagging to anyone with the temerity to prise money from your cobweb-infested wallet. Be thankful then, that iRiver has targeted its new T50 MP3 player at your cold, tight-fisted fingers.

Toblerone is currently in hot persuit of iRiver for stealing its iconic triangular design -- the T50 looks a lot like the delicious airport choccy, only with fewer nuts and more buttons. We're pretty confident in saying a Toblerone will taste better, but you'll get more music out of the T50. Not much more though, since the new iRiver model only has 1GB of flash memory, which roughly translates to 240 songs.

What's really going to help you push your pounds over the counter is the fact that the T50 will run for 52 hours on a single AAA battery. That's pushing three times the playback of the iPod nano. It's also got an FM radio, support for Microsoft's WMA DRM and OGG-format music, and a handy voice recorder. The screen appears to be tiny, but it eats a tiny amount of power, so we're far from complaining.

The T50 goes in sale in the US in April for $89 (£45) and we're expecting it to reach our shores in the next couple of months. -NL